Tutorial - Email Marketing Solution Functional Overview

Email Marketing Automation functions are summarized in the following high-level overview tutorials. To view the a functional area, click on the link below the respective functional area title. Please note that the features and functions of email marketing module will vary depending upon the Application Edition and Subscription Level.

Overview of LeadPro247 Email Marketing Automation Service (7 Minutes)

Functional Area Functions Included

Email List Maintenance

Creating a New Email List
Adding Custom Data Fields to the List
Updating List Parameters
Adding Email Addresses to the List
Setting Up Subscription Forms to capture Email Addresses
Opt-out handling and management
Updating Existing Addresses
Importing Addresses to the List


Sign-Up Forms Management

Defining data to be collected in the Signup Forms
Selecting opt-in Method (Opt-in, Double Opt-in)
Including CAPTCHA Security in the sign-up forms
Customizing Sign-up forms and messages
Linking to Sign-up Forms
Capturing Addresses from your web site


Email Campaign Creation

Creating a new Email Campaign / Broadcast
Adding Addresses from List(s)
Filtering Addresses (Target Marketing)
Removing Addresses


Email Layout / Content Creation

Deciding Content Format
Deciding Content Source
System Templates
Custom Templates
Past Campaigns as Content Sources
Creating Custom Contents
Message Personalization
Adding Survey Invitation URL link
Using Images in Email Messages
Saving and Editing Contents


Campaign Finalization

Finalizing Campaign Parameters
Google Analytics Tracking Properties
Testing Email Messages
Scheduling for Email Delivery


Reporting & Campaign Tracking

List Summary
List Analysis by Domain
Activity By Email Address
Subscription Statistics
Campaign Snapshot
Campaign Summary
Campaign Analysis
Domain Analysis
Campaign Activity
Application Usage Metrics



Inbuilt WYSIWYG Editor
Features of Editor
Incorporating Images
Including Links and URLs
Custom Templates Creation
Campaign Email Message Creation


Address Filters for Trageting

Target Marketing
Selecting Addresses from Lists
Using Filters
Manual Selection of Email Addresses


Setting Up Drip Campaigns
Defining Drip Email Triggers
Tracking Drip Email Campaigns


Uploading Images to the Image Library
Listing Images in the Library
Viewing Images
Using Images from the Image Library

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