Lead Distribution System for Lead Generation Companies / Digital Marketing Ad Agencies - Back Office System

LeadPro 24|7 Lead Capture, Distribution, Tracking and Management solution includes a comprehensive Back Office System which can be used by the lead buyers / clients. A sub-account can be established during the buyer profile setup process and a login created. Depending on your subscription plan, different access levels can be provided.

Lead Retrieval and Management System Access for Lead Buyers: Lead buyers can be provided with direct access to the lead retrieval, tracking and management system. After logging in, the buyers can view their orders, leads, and, track and manage the leads. Lead tracking and management system features can be provided with minimal cost per user. If permitted, the buyers can pause and retstart the orders. The following three levels of access are available to the lead buyers:

  • Basic Level - Lead Retrieval System to access and view leads and return invalid leads. This is the default level provided to all lead buyers.
  • Medium Level - Lead Tracking System to view, track and manage leads and return leads.
  • Premium Level - Comprehensive Lead Management and Drip Marketing system to access leads, assign to sales reps, track sales stages, manage follow-up activities and nurture leads with drip marketing campaigns.
Lead Return Approval Process for Bad / Invalid Leads: Lead buyers can submit Lead Return / Credit Request by logging into the sub-account in the application (in the Manage Leads module). Each lead return credit request can be reviewed by the seller and approved in the system. A return reason has to be selected from the dropdown. In addition a brief note can be included in the request process.

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You may request a Lead Distribution and Delivery Management Free Trial account (no obligation, no commitment, no contract) and test drive the LeadPro 24|7 Lead Tracking, Distribution and Management service to see how the lead distribution and routing features will fit your business specific requirements.

In order to evaluate your business requirements and set up the account, an implementation team member will contact you for gathering additional information specific to your organization's business process.