Lead Delivery Methods - Lead Generation Companies / Digital Marketing Ad Agencies

LeadPro 24|7 Lead Capture, Distribution, Tracking and Management system provides multiple lead delivery methods to meet the requirements of your lead buyers. One or more lead delivery methods can be employed depending on the clients' specifications. SMS Text messaging and Fax based lead delivery is also available at additional cost. The lead delivery trancation fees will vary based on the third party service provider used to deliver SMS / Fax messages.

Lead Delivery Methods

  • Real Time Email Delivery
  • HTTP Posting to Buyer System
  • SOAP / XML based API Interface to Clients' CRM systems
  • SMS Text Messaging
  • Fax Delivery
  • Back Office / Sub-account Delivery

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You may request a Lead Distribution and Delivery Management Free Trial account (no obligation, no commitment, no contract) and test drive the LeadPro 24|7 Lead Tracking, Distribution and Management service to see how the lead distribution and routing features will fit your business specific requirements.

In order to evaluate your business requirements and set up the account, an implementation team member will contact you for gathering additional information specific to your organization's business process.