Lead Distribution & Management - Lead Capture Methods and Processes

LeadPro 24|7 Lead Capture, Distribution, Tracking and Management software solution includes the following features for lead capture and aggregation from multiple sources and lead channels.

Lead Capture Process

A lead management system facilitates a fast, efficient, and coordinated system to gain and retain lead buying customers. In today's web centric world, an organization obtains leads from a variety of places such as blogs, social networking sites, lead vendors and many more. The first step in a lead management process is therefore of utmost importance: Lead Capture. Only if the leads are captured efficiently can they be managed.

The lead data may be collected from various sources in a variety of forms. Lead Capture involves the process of consolidating all these leads into the lead management system.

The LeadPro247 Lead Capture, Distribution and Management solution offers several ways to integrate data from various sources into the system. These include:

  • Lead Capture Web Forms / Landing Pages
  • Lead Data Interface - API / XML Web Services
  • Lead Posting via HTTP by Lead Publishers
  • Lead Data Entry - Manual entry of prospect data
  • Lead Data Import - From files
  • Lead Data Extraction (using Email Parsing)
Lead Capture Web Forms: You may have noticed sign up forms in many websites, for a variety of reasons. For example, to join a community, subscribe to a newsletter, ask for a free trial etc. These sign up forms are nothing but methods of lead capture. In order to incorporate the leads from the web forms into the lead management system, LeadPro 24|7 provides direct compatibility with these web forms. The lead capture code provided by the system can be used to emebed in the landing pages. HTTP POST based approach can also be used.

Lead Capture code required for the landing pages on your web sites can be generated using the system. You can layout and design the landing pages and lead capture forms per your taste and site requirements, and embed the lead capture code provided in order to submit the captured data to the lead system. The code includes front-end data validation scripts and tracking code capture script. (Note: LeadPro 24|7 system is NOT meant to be a landing page template design / generation tool or replacement for web page / form design tools.)

Lead Data Interface (API / XML Web Services): This form of lead capture is used mainly when we receive leads from lead vendors. The lead vendors send the leads via various API's through the web. These API's are customized for each lead vendor that we receive leads from. For example, LeadPro has customized interfaces for a number of insurance lead vendors.

Lead Data Entry (Manual entry): Let us say we come across a prospective customer when we go to a meeting or a party or anywhere other than through the normal channels. We need include the information about that lead into our lead management system, in order to get timely alerts regarding its status. This situation implies that we need an interface to manually enter data into the lead management system. The LeadPro 24|7 Lead Management System provides an Add New Lead option for just this purpose.

Sales Lead Data Entry using LeadPro247 Lead Capture software

First we need to specify the journal to which the lead belongs. Then all the data fields included in that journal (including custom fields) may be filled.

This information required in this form is the same that is required in the API, files containing leads and emails with lead information. This method is easy but is tedious and time consuming when it comes to handling a huge amount of leads. Therefore more efficient methods of lead capture have been provided in the LeadPro 24|7 Software system.

Lead Data Import Templates Maintenance: Every organization has its own method of capturing and documenting leads. For example, some may use Excel or Comma Separated files (CSV). If we already know what particular file type we will be using the most, we may create a Data Template to facilitate the import of leads. This feature helps us save more time.

Sales Lead Data Import Template Definition in LeadPro247

Lead Data Import (from Files): Leads may be imported from various sources and each source may use a different type of file format. The information has be consolidated from all these sources and presented in a single format. The LeadPro 24|7 Lead Capture, Routing, Tracking and Management Software allows us to import data from a variety of files such as:

  • Comma Separated Value (CSV) File
  • Excel 2000 - 2003 (XLS) FileTab Delimited File
  • Other Delimited File (The delimiter can to be set to comma, semicolon or pipe)
  • XML Formatted File
  • Microsoft Access (MDB) File
These files formats are the most commonly used to store lead information. The files are parsed to extract the information and populate the Lead Database of the system.

Lead Data Import from External sources / files

The Lead import screen contains most of the fields in a Data Template definition. Thus we see that Data Templates do indeed simplify lead import. Assignment and follow-up activity is then taken on the captured leads.

Lead Data Extraction (using Email Parsing): Leads may also arrive from a vendor as an email. The manual entry of these leads into the system is a tedious process and hence we require some form of automation for it. This is achieved by parsing the email and extracting the lead content from it.

Email Parsing is a tricky process and it requires that the email be sent in a particular format. LeadPro offers support for parsing many email templates.

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