Lead Capture, Distribution & Management - Lead Profile / Journal Definition

Inbound leads are captured using lead journals with multiple, custom lead profiles. LeadPro 24|7 Lead Capture, Distribution and Delivery Management solution includes the following features for Lead Journal definition and maintenance.

Lead Journal Definition

  • Defining a new Lead Journal Profile
  • Business Segment / Vertical Specific Lead Profile Journals
  • Updating Lead Journal Properties
  • Custom Data Columns Definition

A Lead Journal is created and used in the lead distribution system in order to group all the incoming leads with certain similar attributes under a particular category. For example, the home insurance and health insurance leads of an insurance agency may be collected under different journal definitions. Please note that the lead management system comes with default lead journal definition for generic use as well industry segment specific use.

A business with multiple business segments or different products can capture leads with relevant information for each category separately, with the help of separate Lead Journals. A Journal is a template that specifies the information to be collected from a lead. This way the insurance organization can ensure the collection of relevant information from each lead based on the requirement. We need to add all required fields to the Journal Definition before we start receiving leads. The following snapshot depicts the first step in a Lead Journal Definition.

LeadPro Lead Journal Definition for lead profile properties

Lead Profile Customization

There is a lot of room for customization of the lead collection process, in the Leadpro Lead Management System. The name of the Lead Journal may be customized based on the product under which the leads are grouped.  The information collected from each lead may be altered on a per journal basis. A number of lead properties need to be set in the Journal Definition in order for the effective lead management.

Data Field Properties

The data field names in each journal can be modified to collect the right information required for that lead to be useful. The fields used in the automatic assignment processes and the required fields for each lead may also be specified. The options available for defining each data field are:

  • Required - Defines the Required (mandatory) fields for each Lead information captured.
  • DeDupe- Fields are marked and used to decide if a received lead is a Duplicate.
  • Each organization may decide to use different criteria to decide duplicate leads.
  • Group Leads- Columns which helps to decide if the same lead (for same product) comes from different lead sources. Also referred to as Associated leads.
  • Similar- If there are multiple requests / inquiries from the same contact person.
  • Profile- Fields marked are used for dynamic reporting (in profile summary report)

LeadPro lead journal profile column properties

Custom Data Fields

An organization may add data fields of its own to a Lead Journal. These may be used to collect required information for a particular product or service. For example, heath insurance leads may be asked for information about prevailing health conditions. The custom data fields have also been provided with a few static options. Let us assume that the new data field must contain a value from a specified list. In order to achieve this, we may select the Answer Type to List of Values and then specify each of the values as shown below. Another answer type that may be used in the custom data field is Date, which is specified in the mm/dd/yyyy format. A drop down calendar will appear during Lead Capture.

Custom Fields definition in LeadPro lead journal profile

The State answer type may be selected when we need to specify a state in a particular country. When we select this type only the states from the specified countries will be added. Any number of countries may be added from the list provided. The states will appear in the Country-State format in the drop down menu. Say we need to specify states from the USA and Canada. We need to select those two countries from the menu and all states from those two countries will appear.

Country / state selection for custom fields in LeadPro lead journal definition

The other options available in the Answer Type are: Numeric, Alphanumeric, Decimal and Zip. These may be used to enter yearly income, number of visits to the doctor, zip/postal codes etc. depending upon the organizations needs.

Custom field types in LeadPro lead journal definition

Apart from these static data field options, LeadPro Lead Management software also allows an organization to add its own dynamic data fields in the question / answer format based on its needs. Note that the Lead Journals are available in ready state in the system for the following lead verticals:

  • Insurance leads (Health, LTC, Life, Home, Auto, Annuities, etc.)
  • Mortgage / Refinance leads
  • Real Estate leads
  • Debt Consolidation leads
  • Loan Modification leads

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Lead Distribution Information Documents

Please download a copy of LeadPro 24|7 Internet Lead Distribution, Delivery and Management software information sheet in a PowerPoint slide format.

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