Tutorial - Sales Lead Tracking & Management Solution for Small and Medium Businesses

Sales Lead Capture, Distribution, Tracking and Management functions are summarized in the following high-level LeadPro 24|7 overview tutorials. To view the a functional area, click on the respective functional area title. Please note that the features and functions may vary depending upon the Application Edition and Subscription Level.

Overview of LeadPro 24|7 Lead Tracking and Management Service (10 Minutes)

Functional Area Functions Included

Sales Organization Setup

Setting up Sales Areas / Agents / Distributors
Setting up Inside Sales Areas
Setting up Regions / Branches / Sales Offices
Setting Sales Zones / Sales Territory Maintenance


Lead Journal Definition

Defining a new Lead Journal Profile
Business Segment Specific Journal
Updating Lead Journal Properties
Custom Data Columns Definition


Sales Lead Capture Process

Lead Capture from Website Landing Pages
Lead Data Entry (Manual Process)
Lead Data Import Templates Maintenance
Lead Data Import (from files)
Lead Data Interface - API / XML Web Services
Lead Data Extraction (using Email Parsing)
Lead Assignment (Manual Process)


Lead Assignment and Routing

Lead Routing / Assignment Rules Definition
Lead Alert Notifications


Lead Tracking and Management

Lead PULL Process
Lead Re-Assignment / Lead Transfer
Lead Status Update
Lead Qualification
Lead Follow-up Activity Log


Lead Analysis Reports / Metrics

Lead Dashboard
Lead Status Reports
Analysis By Class
Analysis By Lead Source
Analysis By Lead Source Group
Analysis By Lead Stage
Analysis By Lead Status
Analysis By Lead Profile
Analysis By Lead Campaign
Lead Activity Report
Lead Aging Analysis
Agent Performance Report
Lead Pipeline / Funnel Report
Lead Delivery Statistics Summary


Industry Specific Lead Templates

Insurance Leads (Home Owners, Auto, Life, Health, Long Term Care, RV / Boat / Motor Cycle, Commercial, Annuities)
Real Estate Leads
Mortgage and Home Equity Leads
Higher Education Leads
Loan Modification Leads
Debt Settlement Leads
Home Builder Leads

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